Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tonys Versus Tony

The big event is only a day away, and the whole nation holds its collective breath.

Everyone wants to know whether Tony Soprano will get whacked in the series finale. As for any other Tonys, well, the suspense is a tad less palpable. (Some attendees at Radio City Music Hall will rely on Tivo to get them through the night.) Still, "The Coast of Utopia" is in the running for 10 awards, so there will be a few too-cheap-for-HBO Stoppardphiles tuned to whatever network broadcasts the ceremony. (CBS? PBS? Oxygen? Spike? These things get away from me.)

An anonymous Tony voter reveals his/her picks for New York Magazine. As does Lawrence B. Johnson in the Detroit News. There doesn't seem to be much controversy, though.

Here's to a decisive win for the author, cast and crew of "The Coast of Utopia."

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