Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Spider-Man 3": Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

Is "Spider-Man 3" the weepiest superhero movie ever made? Everybody in it has gelatinous tears running down their faces. Spider-Man cries. Aunt May cries. Mary-Jane cries. Dead Uncle Ben in flashback cries. The Sandman cries. Harry Osborne cries. Hold it together, people! Sheesh! (At least J. Jonah Jameson doesn't start blubbering.)

In general, this iteration of the ol' Webslinger is entertaining. Better than the first in some ways, not as good as the second in many more. Could have used a lot more Venom, a lot less Sandman.

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Franx Budi said...

It's a good movie loh Spiderman original VS Spiderman black same like bad vs good...your block have a lot of film some of them not enter my country