Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blues Busters

Three things that have recently made me happy (or at least marginally less miserable):

1. The "Lost" finale. Did that kick ass or what? Lots of great individual moments and a stellar slingshot twist at the end. It's rare that an American television series pulls itself out of a creative tailspin, but that's what "Lost" accomplished in its last 16 episodes. I'm primed for the next 48.

2. John Connolly's latest Charlie Parker thriller is also a fine return to form. I was disappointed in his stand-alone fantasy, "The Book of Lost Things," but "The Unquiet" achieves the right balance between crime and supernatural fiction. I also think Connolly is at his best when writing about Maine (which is odd, as he's Irish).

3. The audiobook of Kage Baker's "Rude Mechanicals." It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Baker's series of books and stories about The Company, the climax of which arrives in July. In the meantime, we have this novella about immortal cyborgs Lewis and Joseph as they mix it up in Hollywood during the Thirties. Mary Robinette Kowal delivers a lively reading that's perfect for walking from BART station to home during the evening commute.

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