Friday, February 23, 2007

More Pathetic Foobery

Lynn Johnston is working my last nerve by bringing together the Granthony and the Michael-the-Novelist subplots in "For Better or For Worse." For those not obsessed with the banal-yet-totally-unrealistic adventures of four middle-brow, middle-class Ontarioans(?), dutiful son Michael just abruptly quit his full-time job at a major magazine because he didn't have the managerial stones to downsize one of his underlings. Now he's going to write full-time and live off the $25,000 advance for his first novel.

Good luck paying those freelance writer health insurance premiums was my first thought. Then I remembered that some things are actually better north of the border and shut my trap.

Over on the official "FBofW" Web site, Johnston lists the front-runners in the race to find a title for Michael's book. (Thanks, Comics Curmudgeon!) Prayrie? The Soddy? Let Me Be Judged by God? What in the name of all that's good and sensible is Jonhston thinking? Is she just sadistically toying with us?

Could well be, given how she's proceeding with the Liz/Granthony pairing. Liz learned about her brother's new employment situation upon her return from the trial of would-be-rapist Howard Bunt, where Granthony sat supportively throughout the proceedings.

Is it just me, or doesn't Howard look disturbingly like a disgruntled Larry "Second Stooge" Fine? And is that Kim Jong-il leading him away on the right?

This strip just gets weirder and more foobish as Johnston gets ready for semi-retirement.

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Hanna@Cadieux and Langevin said...

You got me.. Complaining is good for you as long as you're not complaining to the person you're complaining about :)