Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scalzi Love, Granthony Hatred & StoppardMania!

The number of daily visits to this site has skyrocketed into the double digits over the past few weeks, and a quick perusal of the logs reveals that three topics in particular are responsible for this heady up-tick in popularity.

I kinda knew that by featuring John Scalzi's "The Android's Dream" as the inaugural Book I'm Not Reading I might attract a few devoted readers from his popular site, The Whatever. That John used my entry as an excuse for an extended riff on his book's feelings of low self-esteem only sweetened the deal.

For quite a while, Cheaper Ironies has been Google's top search choice for the Winnipeg StoppardFest. Now that the fest is well underway (here's a review of its production of "The Real Thing."), it looks as if the fresh stream of Stoppard enthusiastics may continue into February. Hurray! And too bad for you if you didn't get your $59 all-you-can-eat StoppardPass, because they're all gone!

What truly surprised me, though, was the amount of traffic generated by my entry about Granthony, Liz Patterson's creepy erstwhile boyfriend. Whew, there are a lot of Anthony Cain haters out there! Given the way Lynn Johnston demolished both of Granthony's romantic rivals in one fell swoop this week, they're probably even more incensed.

Thanks, Granthony! Cheaper Ironies salutes your feckless neediness and twerpitude. Keep sending your detractors thisaway!

Portrait of Anthony Cain (c) Lynn Johnston Productions Inc.

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