Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Stoppardfest Details

Since this blog is Google's top search choice for "Winnipeg Stoppardfest," I suppose I should pass along the link to the official site. It looks to be a really fun event. In addition to hosting various lectures and screenings of "Brazil" and "Empire of the Sun," those hardy Manitobans will also perform "Arcadia," "The Real Thing," "R&G Are Dead" and some real rarities, including "Enter a Free Man" and "The Dog It Was That Died."
If I had some free time, spare cash and a more extensive winter wardrobe, I'd definitely be there.


Ray Strachan said...

Hey, how's it going. Just googled Stoppardfest and I git this. Where are you from? It;s good to see a Stopppard enthusiast keeping tabs on festivals about a fantastic playwright. I have the pleasure of being cast as "The Player" in R&G are dead, adn the show is awesome. It's a bare bones production which I believes carries the Fringe essence that must have surrounded this play when first produced in the late 60's...

Kurdy said...

Dear Mr Berry,
My name is Kirsty and i was woundering if you would be able to tell me anything else about Tom Stoppard and his play "Night and Day"?

I am using it for a LAMDA examination coming up soon and i am keen to find as much information as possible.

Thank you very much,