Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Books 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle publishes its annual Holiday Books section tomorrow, and it once again includes my list of recommended science fiction and fantasy titles.

It's not really a Best of the Year list, as I'm not able to read enough of the year's selections to make any kinds of definitive judgments. But I try to choose an interesting mix of authors working in a variety of modes. So, in addition to books by heavy-hitters like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Neal Stephenson, I give props to lesser-known authors like Jo Walton, Daryl Gregory and Jeff and Anne VanderMeer.


Daryl said...

And Daryl Gregory is stunned and happy!


Michael Berry said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Daryl. I really enjoyed "Pandemonium." I have a fondness for possession/amnesia/multiple personality stories, and I thought your novel rung some interesting changes on the form.