Saturday, September 15, 2007


A few Stoppard-related links that have been hanging around for a while:

John Barry has written a very amusing piece for The Smart Set about the perils of reviewing community theater in general and a production of "Hapgood" in particular.

David Finkle reviews the Boomerang Theatre Company's production of "Stoppard Goes Electric," featuring three of the author's early television plays.

The International Herald Tribune picks up Ben Brantley's story from the New York Times about three Great Old Men of the Theater: Albee, Foote and Stoppard.

In the New Zealand Herald, Shannon Huse reviews the silo theatre's production of "The Real Thing."

A St. Louis production of "Dogg's Hamlet/Cahoot's Macbeth" fails to impress Dennis Brown of the Riverfront Times.

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