Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bad Monkeys

I'm really looking forward to Matt Ruff's new novel, "Bad Monkeys." I got my ARC yesterday, and it looks quite cool. Ruff's "Set This House in Order" is one of the best fictional depictions of multiple personality disorder I've ever read, and I'm hoping "Bad Monkeys" will achieve a similar level of excellence.

Speaking of naughty primates, there's a weird saga unfolding in Plano, Texas. An illegal rhesus macaque was confiscated from one of the locals, who then allegedly sent the monkey a pornographic audio tape hinting at interspecies sexual shenanigans. Now the animal control specialist who made the allegation is back-pedaling, claiming he may have misinterpreted the tape and begging not to be sued or lose his job. (Thanks, Obscure Store!)

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